Letter From David

Dear Golf Fans,


Hope all of you are ready for Spring. Now that we have 265 up and running, I am more anxious than ever to have great weather.


I am so excited about all the great things going on at 265 (our golf academy in Shreveport). We seem to have a little bit of everything you can imagine happening. We have two international players (Switzerland and South Korea) who have moved to Shreveport and are trying to fulfill their dreams and make it as professional golfers. We have top-ranked high school players practicing every day at our facility. But we also have recreational golfers and beginners who love 265 and come every day.


This week is Spring Break and have youngsters having a blast and getting better at golf.


I'm in San Antonio with my family about to get ready for the Valero Texas Open. I will be in Houston next week for the Shell Houston Open.


 Thanks for the support,


Tip of the Week

To hit a low punch shot to avoid those tree limbs or get through the wind play the ball farther back in your stance than normal. Keep the club face closed and keep your hands ahead of the ball at address and impact. Take a slightly abbreviated backswing and remember to follow through.

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